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Explainer Video Creation Service
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Explainer Video Creation Service

Your target audience will love you for explaining what and how your products & services help them.

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Explainer Video Creation
Let us partner you in creating buzzworthy designs for your business.

Wish to grab the attention of the visitor effectively and uniquely?

Want to explain your products or services to potential customers in way that is easy to comprehend?

Want to create an everlasting impact on your audience?

All this is possible through explainer videos.

A video created to explain complex ideas in a simple yet creative way is an explainer video. The idea is to make the video engaging so that the audience is willing to spend time watching the video till the end. Businesses use explainer videos to explain their products and services to their potential or existing customers. These videos are a part of the marketing strategies and most businesses invest actively in the creation and distribution of explainer videos. If you too own a business and are looking for promoting it on various platforms, an explainer video may just well be the shortcut to do it. 


We all have a very short attention span. We know you knew it but modern problems require modern solutions. People visiting your website or social media page do not have the patience to read through enormous text to understand how your product or service can help them. They need to know you in the quickest time possible without having to apply too much brain.


Explainer videos do just that as they are one of the most powerful tools to get your message across to the audience. It helps to establish a strong connection and creatively deliver the right message. We help you in creating sophisticated explainer videos that instantly makes your audience fall in love with your brand.


Wondering how we do it?

Our expert team analyses your brand, products and services first and then research the market and your target audience, to understand their needs, problems and how your brand or product tackle them. A lot of the effectiveness of the explainer video comes down to creative thinking and the element of uniqueness.


We at Straightegy Consulting help you in this journey to make the most creative and interesting video that grab the attention of the viewers and make them want more. We ensure to provide you top-notch services and videos. Along with this, our team optimizes the efficacy of your video. We aim to understand your goals, vision and mission. With this, we ensure to narrate and align the same with the help of explainer videos. Our passion for forming strong connections is what drives us to give our best. Our team is a perfect blend of creativity, originality, strategy, realistic and affordability. Our holistic approach is what sets us apart from the rest.


With Straightegy Consulting engage your audience with compelling videos, share your story, establish and empower your brand to take it to the next level. If you wish to have brand growth with great content and explainer videos, Straightegy Consulting is the answer to all your desires.


In the simplest terms, explainer videos are the ones that explain the products or services offered by any business.  These videos are generally short and precise. The purpose of creating explainer videos is to promote a company's products, services, or business in a compelling way. These explainer videos can act as a tool to bridge the gap between customers and producers as the videos offer much-needed information to the customers. Further, such videos also help in resolving and solving any doubts or problems from the customers' minds regarding certain products or services that the company offers. 
Usually, such videos are frequent on the home page of the websites of any business. Here, the customers may get detailed on how the product can be best used, or what are precautions (if any) to be undertaken during or after the use of the product. Such additional information in the form of videos portrays the business as compassionate and attentive to customers' needs and issues. Such a portrayal adds to the brand image and ultimately boosts the popularity and sales of the said business. Thus, explainer videos are often used by companies as their primary marketing technique, and rightfully so. 


Since explainer videos are none less than commercial advertisements, creating one requires just as much thought and planning. The pre and post-production of explainer videos are just as complicated and laborious as any other type of creative documentation. Therefore, we have cumulated a list of certain essentials that result in a good explainer video.
1.    The length of your video determines whether the performance of the same in the market. Typically, explainer videos can be as long as three minutes. However, experts suggest condensing the length even further. In the case of explainer videos, the shorter it is the better. 
2.    Explainer videos are purpose-driven. That is each video results in demanding certain actions from the customers. Therefore, while creating one, you should mention what you need your customers to do after watching. It can be a simple task such as sharing the video, or it could also urge the customers to make a purchase.
3.    The best kind of videos is the ones that focus on solving a particular problem that the audience might be facing. The problem-solving nature of explainer videos is the key reason behind their appeal. Therefore, you must provide realistic and genuine solutions through your videos. 
4.    Your explainer videos should reflect your brand in the most authentic light. You must, therefore, pre-determine what you want your public image to be and religiously follow it. Moreover, explainer videos must also reflect customers’ wants from your brand. By considering both factors, you can create holistic videos. 
5.    Remember, although explainer videos are relatively short, you should never compromise on their quality. A high-quality video goes way ahead of any miserable quality one. That is why; you should invest in producing your videos to the maximum potential. The information provided in your video matter just as much as the technicalities. 


By now you must be already familiar with the advantages that explainer videos offer to business. It is perhaps due to such benefits that most businesses swear by this technique. In case you are still hesitant, let us provide some more benefits. 

Explainer videos are extremely time-efficient. You do not have to record and edit hour-long documentaries regarding your products. These videos are short and direct. Hence the production and editing time is also budgeted here. By condensing the required information into three-minute videos you are also exerting the seriousness of your approach. Such an attitude indirectly helps in gaining the trust of your customers. 

One of the most important benefits of explainer videos is that they are easily transferable. That is, you can link one video to several other websites and digital platforms. Now you do not have to create separate videos or content for each of your social media outlets. Instead, you can efficiently circulate just one all-around and still anticipate the same effect. 

Explainer videos help immensely in building brand recognition. By conceptualizing your video content around similar ideas you can give a distinct image, voice, or idea to your business. Such familiarity in the videos compels the customers to recognize and identify your brand with the explainer videos. With the help of explainer videos you are not only promoting your products and services but also, and perhaps more importantly, you are transforming a vague idea of your business into a concrete reality in the minds of the customers. These videos are a reflection of who you are and what your business is. 


A digital marketing agency has professionally-trained and experienced professionals. As such, explainer videos fall directly under their niche. Creating explainer videos requires a lot of knowledge regarding not just the market, but also the skills required to do the task efficiently. A digital marketing agency can provide you with all these and so much more. 

By collaborating with the agency, you can shed the entire responsibility off your shoulders and hand it over to a third party. Digital marketing agencies usually are responsible for the procedures of creating the video, from the minute ones like the equipment required, to the major ones like the actors needed. Besides, you can also save your finances by negotiating good deals. 

"Our ROAS increased, not our budget. The team has done great work."

Nitin C.

Head of Marketing

"They delivered better results than they projected at the start."

Jenifer K.


"We don't need in-house resources for marketing anymore."

Ryan H.

Marketing Manager

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