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Advertising on Google may look easy but before you know it, you end up spending way too much.

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Google Ads Agency (Adwords Agency)
Straightegy Consulting helps you run Google Ads campaigns like a pro.

Every second, there are 3.3 million searches performed on Google, and the majority of searches produce search results along with Ads or better yet, Google Ads. It is a paid advertisement service offered by Google which appears in search results on Google with the use of Google Ads or advertisements that appear on other websites. In simple words, it allows the advertisers to display their ads on the Google search engine results page. This is entirely based on the keywords that the business wants to target. Since the platform runs on pay-per-click advertising, the businesses have to pay only when a visitor clicks the ad.
Google also offers display ads, which appear on the google display network. This display network is the third-party websites that have partnered with Google and agree to display google ads on their sites. The ads can be in text, pictures, video and can be targeted in various ways.
If you want your business to drive relevant, qualified traffic to your website, then you must consider Google Ads!


Before the ads are displayed on the google search engine, there is an auction that is focused on keywords. Advertisers choose a list of keywords to target their relevant and potential customers. The words that people are most likely to use when searching for their product. Then they bid on these keywords. It is based on how much the advertisers are willing to pay for every click on the ad by a google user. After this, the bid is combined with the quality score that is determined by Google based on the quality of the ad, website, and content, Google decides the rank, and based on the rank the ads appear on the search engine result pages.

One essential thing is that the higher the quality score, in conjunction with your bid amount, the better the ad positioning. So, along with the bid amount, it is necessary to maintain the website and post quality & relevant content on it.

There are also some benefits of having a high-quality score:
1. Higher exposure- when you have a high-quality score, your ads will display more frequently and in a better position on the search engine pages. Usually, the ads are either on the top or the bottom based on their quality score. With a better-quality score, one can expect the ads to be on the top of the first page which will increase their visibility and drive more people to click on them.
2. Lower costs- as your quality score keeps increasing, google rewards the advertisers by lowering their cost per click. This helps in improving return on investment.


Out of all the mediums of advertising, online digital marketing is the cheapest and the most effective one. As the world is shifting to the digital world, every second person has a phone and internet connectivity. For a business to be successful, there are many factors it should take care of such as advertising. Digital media is one of the easiest ways to transmit information efficiently but with a lot of competition increasing day by day, it is difficult to stand out. Advertisements being one of the effective ways to drive traffic to the site but it needs the right strategy and quality content to stand out from the competitors. Google ads is a very daunting and time-consuming task but we have agencies that are the experts in this field. Let’s look at some of the benefits that an agency be able to help you and how can your business grow?

1. Advertising is a business in itself
There is a lot of knowledge and work that goes into effective advertisement management. And the agency is in the business for a quite long time, they are experts in this field. They are well-familiar with the CPC ranges, the conversion rates, and the offer that convert. Along with this, the Google ad agency is well aware of the customers, the changing trends, the keywords, and many other factors as they have researched and worked on similar projects. Hiring a Google ad agency will help in saving a lot of time that can be wasted in testing different things. All the strategies that agencies will use are going to be tried and tested before.
2. Know the software
With the help of thorough research and projects worked in the past. Google ad agencies know the technology and the software well. They know the technology behind it, the algorithm, and the customer's psychology. Along with this, the agencies keep an eye on the changing trends and policies that might affect the strategy or the algorithm of the ads. With this, they also ensure to keep a good quality score of the site and make sure you get a great higher return on investment.
3. Cost-effective
An agency is less expensive as compared to an in-house operation. Agencies work as independent contractors, so you can eliminate the need for payroll taxes. This also cuts the expenses that usually go towards full-time employees such as benefits, health care costs, and salaries. In an agency, all you need to pay is the subscription and these services provide you with a higher return on investment. Most reputable agencies have digital marketing tools, so this lowers the cost and makes these agencies cost-effective.  
4. It is a scalable service
One of the best features of agencies is their scalability. You don’t have to worry about the size of the team while launching a campaign or some news. A good agency usually accommodates the needs of the business as it grows. They offer several plans and packages that suit the best for the business size. Along with this, the agencies are quite flexible and adhere to the deadlines and needs of the business.
5. They offer measurable results
With so many marketing methods in the digital marketing landscape, it is difficult to know the real return on investment. However, an agency helps you by determining the key performance indicators and providing you measurable results. These indicators help in determining which strategies are working, which are not and helps to understand the deviations to improve them in the future.
Agencies also make sure to provide you monthly or weekly report of the activities that are undertaken to keep the clients in the loop and show the results of each campaign.
One fact is that digital marketing agencies have the power to get your business to the next level. Hiring a digital marketing agency allows you to get started with your campaigns immediately. it is possible to see the campaign results within weeks after creating the strategy.


With a pool of agencies offering the same service, it gets difficult to decide which agency is suitable for your business. And that’s absolutely fine. Just make sure you include Straightegy Consulting when you compare the various agencies. We are confident that you’ll find the difference. That’s why we suggest you get a free proposal today to compare.

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