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Influencer Marketing Agency
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The tremendous increase in the social media platforms, has led to an massive increase in the number of people on social media too. Customers are already interacting with brands through social media, whether it is a small business or large. Social media marketing involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms to achieve marketing and branding goals. It is interaction with the customers. It helps in spreading awareness about your brand and communicating what services or products the company offers more creatively.

Recently, with the rise of the platform Instagram, there has been a tremendous rise in influencer marketing. It is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers-individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. For example, makeup influencers will get products related to makeup to endorse, fitness influencers will get fitness products such as protein shake, fitness clothes, etc. to promote.

Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that social influencers have built with their following, and recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.


1. Know the audience you are targeting
Before approaching any influencer for influencer marketing, one should be very clear about the audience they want to target. This will help in setting up goals and you can match to the right list of influencers.

2. choose the right influencer
This requires a lot of research. Prepare a list of influencers, check their reach, and how much the audience trust and follows them. You have to consider if they are right for your brand and whether their audience is engaged. These factors make or break the deal. Along with this, you need to make sure your brand fits with the influencer you are choosing.
Also, there are 3 types of influencers depending on their reach:
Micro-influencers- these influencers usually have 1k-100k followers and generally deliver a much higher return on investment as their audience is more niche. They are considered experts by the followers and are pretty cost-effective.
Macro influencer-these influencers have followers between 100k to a million. These are generally reality stars or soap opera stars. They generate a lot of their income from brand endorsements. They are easy to approach but are expensive as compare to micro.
Mega influencer- these influencers are celebrities that have more than a million followers. They work in movies or as hosts in big tv shows. With them, it requires less creative input over the content. Their reach is vast that a post is guaranteed to be shared and seen by millions of people. though it has a huge impact it is short-term.

3. Don’t get in your way
After aligning with the right influencer, share your goals, about your brand and give the influencer complete freedom to do what he or she does best. They are well-aware of their audience and knows the best way to grab their attention. Give them the chance. Don’t try to force your brand message into creativity.

4. Grow long-term relationship
Once your find influencers you like working with, develop ongoing projects with them. Include them in the online and offline events or campaigns. Make it a two-way-beneficial relationship. Along with this, if an influencer doesn’t want to work with you even after offering a good amount of money, don’t force them. Have genuine respect for the care and process that goes into these partnerships.

5. Measuring success
Depending on the goals, make sure to measure the success of the campaigns. Such as see the number of sales, awareness, engagement has increased or not. Make sure, people are relating to the campaign and it has an impact on them. If not, try to improve the future campaigns for better results.
Consider these few things before opting for influencer marketing.

But the real question is, is influencer marketing meant for you?


1. Enhances brand awareness
One of the benefits of influencer marketing is that there is an improvement in brand awareness. People come to know about the brand, story, and offerings you have. This increases the visibility and brings in qualified leads.
2. Builds trust and authority
Influencers have a strong relationship with their audience. Viewers believe and trust their recommendations. This helps in increasing the sales and the online presence of the brand.
3. Reaches target audience
Influencer marketing helps in reaching the target audience. As influencers that are relevant to the brand have already an established audience on social media. for example, makeup influencers already have an audience that loves makeup and is interested in it.
Influencer marketing is the thing these days now. Especially when most of the target audience is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, people follow these influencers judiciously.

Straightegy Consulting ensures that the team has a clear understanding of your business goals and choose the right influencer for your brand. Our team comes up with creative ideas to promote your brand in the way it should be.


Straightegy Consulting ensures that the team has a clear understanding of your business goals and choose the right influencer for your brand. Our team comes up with creative ideas to promote your brand in the way it should be.

"Our ROAS increased, not our budget. The team has done great work."

Nitin C.

Head of Marketing

"They delivered better results than they projected at the start."

Jenifer K.


"We don't need in-house resources for marketing anymore."

Ryan H.

Marketing Manager

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