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Mobile Optimization Services
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Mobile Optimization Services

If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices yet, you probably need to revisit your strategy.

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As more and more people prefer to get things done at their fingertips, they are shifting from desktop to mobile devices. At this time, more people use mobile phones than desktops or laptops. Around 60% of the global website traffic is generated via mobile devices. This means that if your business has a website, then it is essential to consider optimizing it for mobile use. If you haven’t mobile optimized your website, you need to wake up and get it done only through Straightegy Consulting.

Mobile optimization is the process of adjusting the website content. This ensures that when visitors use the site on their mobiles, it provides them with the same experience. It not only ensures that it adjusts the website on smaller screens but also makes it easier to access and use by optimizing the images, reformatting the content, etc. The things that are more accessible are catching the eyes of the customers. This has increased the significance of mobile optimisation. If your website is not mobile optimised it could lead to loss of potential customers.

We make the mobile experience of your website as appealing and easy to use as it is on a desktop. This experience also leads to a higher rank in the Search engines, which makes your website visible to clients further increasing your reach and conversion rate. With mobile optimization, your site will not only be accessible on mobile but it will help you increase your search engine ranking, speed and quality of the website. Furthermore, optimizing your mobile by making it user-friendly and SEO on google will add value to the website. It will help in increasing brand awareness and its reputation. Thus, increasing the conversions.


We help you achieve the success you have always desired of and because of this, our team consists of professionals that ensures to provide you with top-notch services. We aim to understand your goals, visions and mission to align them with our strategies for success and satisfaction.


The only way to succeed in business is to adapt to the changing environment. With efficient mobile optimisation, you are investing in your business’s success and Straightegy Consulting will help you reach the success you desire.

"Our ROAS increased, not our budget. The team has done great work."

Nitin C.

Head of Marketing

"They delivered better results than they projected at the start."

Jenifer K.


"We don't need in-house resources for marketing anymore."

Ryan H.

Marketing Manager

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