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Start ranking on Google with this SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Content Marketing

The success of any company is its customers. Before starting any business, one must research their audience thoroughly. With the digital world, the competition is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to stand out and be at the top. Now, one must be smart enough to reach the heights and this is possible through high-quality products or service and customers.

You know your audience is out there. Problem is, they don’t seem to find your site or your products. What do you do?

This is where content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) help your company shine. This mix helps you in increasing visibility and allows your audience to find you.

SEO content marketing might be a daunting task and this requires the help of the experts and a plan to engage the customers. First, let’s understand what content marketing and SEO are.


As the name suggests, it is marketing the product or service in the form of content. It requires the creation of content which can be in the form of videos, blog posts, photos, infographics, etc. that will help in stimulating the audience's interest in the topic. This will further increase the engagement and sales of the company.

These days, with the help of the internet, content marketing has been truly shining and dominating all the other marketing tactics. if a person wants to know about a product or service, he just writes the name of the product on google and there are 1000 articles there providing the information. That is how dominating and influencing content marketing is.


Another form of marketing is search engine optimization. It is bringing traffic from search engines. In simpler words, it is the art of creating online visibility by purposely making the site more accessible and visible to search engines. For instance, you search for Aloe vera gel benefits, now there are going to be more than 1 lakh results but one goes through the first 10 links present on the first page because they are easily accessible and quick. This is Search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO is very technical and complex as it requires workings of HTML coding, search engine guidelines, and more. Sites are ranked for the search engines and it is based on the quality of content, site architecture, inbound links to content, etc.


Content marketing is about providing value to the audience and SEO is about helping the search engine algorithms determine the value of your content. This way content marketing and SEO go completely hand-in-hand. By creating content that focuses on specific keywords and phrases that will help your leads to find your site easily, can improve the visibility on the search engines.

When the content is ranked well on the search engines, one gets free publicity and visibility. This helps in boosting brand awareness and drive traffic to the website. Thus, creating more opportunities for the company. For instance, someone is curious about a healthier lifestyle and they turn to google to find some “good healthy recipes” or “easy healthy food cooking”. This will lead to refine their search and this will make them curious about topics, landing on a website for a company that sells kitchen supplies and appliances.

Now, content marketing and SEO are two different strategies but if they are done together, they can do wonders. One cannot improve one search engine optimization without creating quality content. It is impossible to find an audience for the content without the help of SEO. So, to ensure the success of the organization SEO content marketing strategy is important.


Let’s discuss some strategies for generating quality SEO content.

1.Research your target market

Before writing any content, one should be very clear about their target audience. It is important to research the needs, wants of the customers, which will be useful in generating quality and engaging content. By having a better understanding of the challenges of the target audience, you will know what type of topics they might search for online. This is a significant starting point for SEO content.

2. Do your keyboard research

One must know the keywords people are typing into their searches online. This will help in finding the answers to the questions they have. Knowing the keywords of your target audience will help to optimize the content on the website, blogs, and social media. This will also help in adding value to the content. Thus, increasing the visibility.

3. Create great content

Once the target audience needs and keywords have been researched, one can use the information to create quality content that will be useful to the people. it is not just about sprinkling the keywords throughout the content but also making it easy to read and resourceful. All these things make content a high-quality one and impact the SEO ranking.

4. Update your content over time

SEO content marketing is not something that can be set and forgotten. To make it engaging and increase visibility, one must keep bringing quality content to the table. It should not be the same, plain old boring content. It should interest, different and according to the needs of the customers. It is also important to keep updating the existing content with new information like statistics, facts that might be outdated.

SEO Content marketing services can be very time-consuming and may distract the employees from the primary work of the organization. This makes it important to hire a consulting firm with expertise in content marketing strategy and we just know the exact company you might be looking for!

Straightegy Consulting is a premium content marketing agency. For us, quality matters the most. We offer a fleshed-out, comprehensive content plan for your marketing needs. Our services range from researching, ideating to creating content that is never seen before. Our goal is to create engaging content for the customers that will help in increasing visibility.

Our services include:

1. Strategy

We specialize in creating an informed and plan strategy based on our research according to the needs of our clients and their customers. With a team of experts, we carry out an in-depth analysis and strictly adhere to the deadlines.

2. Ideation and creation

Once the strategy is made, the next step is to create high-quality, meaningful, and relevant content. We have a team of professionals that are experts in various fields and generate creative and easy-to-read content.

3. Management and scheduling

The entire process is complicated and time-consuming. It requires coordination between writers, editors, and clients. We specialize in management and scheduling, which makes it easier for our clients. With our rigorous process of editing, we ensure the best content reaches our clients. Our SEO professionals ensure the essential keywords that will make the content more visible to the audience. Along with this, we provide 24x7 services to our clients.

Our services are not only the best but also cost-effective.

Contact Straightegy Consulting to get started today and help us build your dream content plan.


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