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Twitter Marketing Agency
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On 21st March 2006, there arrived a little virtual blue bird, Larry the bird that will take the world by storm. This bird is the iconic logo for one of the most popular software applications ever made, Twitter. Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service on which people can interact, declare, or express their opinions on any topic to each other or a larger public. This is one of the first social media platforms. Such unforeseen application is to revolutionize the function of the internet. It had a tremendous impact on not only people's lives but also on the field of business and marketing. Twitter has opened several doors to entrepreneurs through which they can promote their products and services and expand their business like never before. This is called Twitter marketing and advertising.


Social media is not merely a platform to display mundane photographs and talk to distant friends and family. It is a platform through which like-minded people can gather, an organization can offer information, generous groups can help and donate to the ones in need and most importantly businesses can promote their products and services to their customers. Businesses turn to social media platforms to get closer to their customers and influence them. Amongst all the different online networking sites out there, Twitter is one of the most common and effective tools that can be used for marketing.
Twitter marketing is the process of creating, publishing, and distributing impactful content to audiences, customers, and followers through the application. This process involves clever strategizing of content so that they reach the target audience and create the desired impact. Since more than half of the world population actively participate in this social media, marketing products and services on this media are likely to have a far-reaching effect. Brands often use this marketing strategy, amongst many others, to form and solidify their brand identity in front of the global population. One primary tactic used by businesses is Twitter advertising.


There are several ways to advertise anything on social media. All you need is a creative mind. However, there are certain common techniques that numerous businesses often fall back upon. These are proven to be the most effective plans of marketing. As such, there are broadly three categories into which Twitter ads can be divided.

  • Promoted tweets: this is a simple tool that involves creating content, posting it on Twitter, and then promoting it so that it reaches a broader audience. This is the most common type of Twitter advertising. These tweets help in lead generation and brand recognition.

  • Trend takeovers: the game of hashtags has made it easier for businesses in promoting their products. If done well, this can create a sensation among the general public. These trends have a limited period of 24 hours and they also are the most expensive form of Twitter advertising. 

  • Promoted accounts: as discussed previously, the Twitter ads account helps in navigating ad content on Twitter. Promoting the ad account can have an even greater influence. This is because, when you promote your account, Twitter automatically recommends the account to anyone who matches your target audience demographic. 


As the name suggests, Twitter advertising is the act of advertising products, services, and businesses through the platform of Twitter. There are different ways to go about this task. Brands often create exclusive accounts on Twitter called Twitter Ads accounts, through which they can post and promote content related to their products and services. These "tweets" posted by Twitter ad accounts are promoted on different users' feeds as they navigate through the application. In this way, the content reaches more and more people. This implies that more potential customers become aware of the product and services offered by any business. 


Twitter marketing has become an obvious choice for businesses all over the world and rightfully so. This is because the advantages of this type of marketing outweigh all the trouble that you have to undertake in doing so. 

First of all, Twitter marketing is facilitated by targets keywords.  this helps you in promoting your products directly to people who are searching for them. There is a provision for personalizing your ad account based on the performance. Performance-based advertising is what makes Twitter different from all other social media platforms. Here, you only have to pay for the performance. 
Another important leverage that Twitter has over other online platforms is that here the marketing is done to a tailored audience. This means you can directly target audiences who are interested in your niche. This helps in generating better responses from the audience. Moreover, your resources are also utilized to their full potential via a tailored audience. 

Compared to all other types of Search Engine Optimization, Twitter marketing and advertising is one of the cheapest platforms to promote your products and service. The cost-efficiency makes it easily accessible to even smaller businesses. Twitter is a platform where the content wins over every other factor. Thus, there is a lesser privilege for multinational corporations and different businesses to have a fair chance of competing. That is perhaps why; most of the startups opt for Twitter marketing, at least at their initial stage. 

Despite having so many advantages, are you still reluctant to try this medium? Well, stop hesitating and hurry up! Time is ticking and your business deserves appropriate marketing.


A short and simple answer to this question is Straightegy Consulting.

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