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User Interface (UI) Design Services
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User Interface (UI) Design Services

User Experience (UX) Design holds an important position in your traffic conversion strategy.

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User Interface (UI) Design Agency
Straightegy Consulting is your 'Go-to' partner for your User Interface (UI) strategy.

While visiting certain websites or navigating through a different software application, you might have come across certain technology that makes it easier for you to use the website or the application. It can be in the form of voiceovers like Siri or Google Assistant. It can be in the form of gestures too like the “swipe up” gesture in various websites. These applications make your experience on the website or app effortless and fluent. User interface designing adheres to the creation and designing of all such applications that can potentially give the user a better experience on the website or device. 


The user interface, abbreviated affectionately as UI, generally refers to the visible elements across the website that facilitates the user's interaction with the software of the website.  This improves the usability of the website or the application. Different websites utilize different elements and techniques to make the experience of the users easy. The primary goal here is to minimize the efforts that users have to make to communicate their needs and demands.  These designs and layouts can be either in the form of graphics or sonic. 
Designers generally try to anticipate the potential users' actions on the website while designing the interface. This helps them in creating or designing interfaces that will adhere to the customers' needs in the best way possible. The foundational quality that the UI must uphold is that it should be simple and easy to understand to the users. People do want to go through numerous complicated processes to accomplish one single action. They do not care about the visual beauty of the interface either. What customers usually desire is the fulfillment of their needs with the least amount of effort possible. That is why businesses focus on having UI designs that are solely aimed at simplifying the techniques from the grassroots level. The simpler the feature of the website or application is, the response of the customers will be optimistic. 


Although the designers have the freedom of creating and utilizing whatever designs they want for the website, certain techniques have been proved to yield a better response. This is because, over time, most of us as customers have become used to certain patterns that are repeatedly used by various other applications. This has resulted in a sense of familiarity with those interface designs. While websites must try to be unique and surprising to the users in a holistic sense, they should, paradoxically, retain a similar familiarity with the interface. This gives the user comfort and excitement about what is already known.  Some of the most common user interface designs are listed below. 

- Input controls: Pop-up menus, drop-down lists, checkboxes, toggles, etc. are all included in this category. They help in easily finding the desired requirement from all other components of the webpage. 
- Navigational components: This category includes all the commands and sections that help the user navigate through the webpage like a search field, slider, icons, and so on.
- Informational components: These are the elements that provide information to the users like notifications, message boxes, modal windows, and the like.


If there is one thing that can dramatically increase the success of any website or software application is its usability. Customers all across the world demand applications that are easier to use and understand. The efficiency of any website, thus, has a tremendous impact on the impression of it on the minds of the customers. In other words, the more the customers like visiting your website, the better the sales of your business will be. Therefore, it is an utmost requirement for any upcoming or current business to make efforts into creating user-friendly applications. The benefits of utilizing user interface design can be manifold.

Having an adequate UI design will increase the interaction between customers and producers.  This implies that you will then have better chances of communicating all the information regarding your products and services to the customers. The user, on the other hand, can get first-hand knowledge about all the credentials without having to hassle through complicated processes.

The UI design, indirectly, acts as a good marketing tool as well. This is because; customers are usually drawn towards better and more hospitable spaces. It has a positive influence on the minds of the customers, who are then convinced to purchase whatever product and service you are offering. On a contrary, a complex UI design will have a counter-productive effect as it will push potential customers away from your business. 

Therefore, it is no doubt that you must take utmost care that your User Interface design is appropriate and up to the mark.  There are certain service providers or agencies that can help you in creating the best design for your website. These are professionally trained teams that have an in-depth understanding of the technology in question as well as the market. 


At Straightegy Consulting, we utilize our skills to design UIs that are customer-friendly as well as effective. Our team researches customer response, market trends, and the know-how of your business to identify qualities and elements that can be used to design the UI. We deliver our service efficiently and meet deadlines.

"Our ROAS increased, not our budget. The team has done great work."

Nitin C.

Head of Marketing

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Jenifer K.


"We don't need in-house resources for marketing anymore."

Ryan H.

Marketing Manager

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