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Web Analytics Services

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Straightegy Consulting helps you gain deeper insights from your web data.

Let's consider some hypothetical situations. Suppose you have a bustling business that is popular in your locality. You want to expand your business and make it a brand that is thriving at the national level. By taking the help of all the technicalities of e-commerce, websites, and search engine optimization, you have created a successful network for your business over the internet. Now can you consider your job as done? Have accomplished the very last steps of SEO? The answer is no.
There is a very important aspect of business success is the measurement and analysis of the impact of your efforts. Hence the need for web analytics. 


Web analytics is the measurement and analysis of website data. Businesses analyze the performance of all their online undertakings through the process of web analytics. Although this primarily concerns the websites, social media handles are also incorporated in the same. Using the website data and measuring revenues generated, you can determine the success or the failure of your goals and marketing strategies. 
Web analytics measures the behavior of the user on your website. The users’ behavior is the direct reflection of the success or failure of your marketing strategies. This procedure mainly focuses on answering questions such as how many users visit your page per day, how long they stay, do they make any purchase, etc. web analytics gives you a cumulative understanding of whether or not your efforts were fruitful. Moreover, it also directs you to all the areas that require rectifications and changes. This data is often used by businesses to benchmark their site performance. 


Analyzing the internet and websites can be a gruelling task that requires extensive technical knowledge. Moreover, conducting detailed researches can also be time-consuming and at times, confusing. Thus, this entire procedure seems too difficult. But worry not! We have compiled a list of some of the best practices that can help you in efficient web analysis. 

1.    Connecting the web data with the actual sales of your business is the most important part of web analytics. You must transfer the data generated from your websites into quantitative value and compare it with the sales that your business had generated. It is only by comparison that you can get a real insight into the success or failure of your program. 
2.    Do not remain stuck with the web traffic. Often websites have innumerable user visits and this boosts the web traffic. However, these user visits may not transform into purchases. That is why it is important to shift your focus to other aspects of analytics. To be frank, what is the value of millions of user visits, if these users are not purchasing your products or services?
3.    Being consistent and dedicated as you do this task can help in the quantification of your data. Remember, you are analyzing the data for your insight only. Therefore, you must be critical and strict with the same. Overtly glorifying your success can only give you a false sense of reality. 
4.    Identify the areas that need more attention in future endeavors. That is also the purpose of web analytics. By identifying the reason behind the failure of certain plans or the causes of their success, you can discover how to rectify the mistakes that were made. You get an idea of what to avoid and what to incorporate. 
5.    Broaden the duration of the analytics. By considering a longer period to inspect the performance, you get a holistic analysis of the same. The information gathered from the short-term analysis is often misleading. It is ideal to consider the performance over a year. 


Perhaps the age-old saying “whatever is worth doing is worth measuring” is apt in answering this question. Web analytics help you to measure and quantify your efforts in digital marketing. The quantitative measurement ultimately gives you concrete facts to rely upon. You can understand where every penny of your capital is flowing, how your resources are being used, and which of these are valuable to you and therefore should be continued and what to avoid. Web analytics provides all the necessary data to move forward with strategizing future marketing strategies. 
One of the foundational pillars of SEO is user experience. The success or failure of your marketing strategy and your online content depends on user experience. But such an abstract concept can be difficult to understand. Web analytics helps you in getting insights regarding this important part of SEO. By analyzing user behavior, you can identify which part of your marketing scheme needs modification and how to do so. 
By analyzing user behavior throughout the internet you can also get access to certain key SEO components that can improve the performance exponentially. For instance, by researching what is the most popular page of a certain industry, what is the most popular way of online purchase, what are the potential keywords that users regularly use, etc you can select tricks for your SEO content. Thus, web analytics not only helps after the creation but also during the creation of content. 
Besides, this is an effective method of identifying the areas that you can invest in for future marketing prospects. This helps in justifying your current marketing budget and fixing the capital for future strategies. 
To sum up, it can be rightly said that web analytics provides businesses hints regarding smart usage of assets. That is perhaps why; it has become a part and parcel of the SEO marketing strategy of almost all businesses. 


Good Digital marketing agencies have adequate technical expertise required to perform effective analysis of your website. Since this task requires extensive knowledge and skills about the digital market and parameters of the search engines, it is advisable to hand over the task to the ones who know how to do it. You get accurate information that you need. Further, you also get suggestions on plans. Therefore, you must contact a digital marketing agency immediately. 


Straightegy Consulting is your best choice with regards to any aspect of SEO digital marketing, especially web analytics. Our team of experts conducts detailed research and analysis of the data gathered to gain deep insights.

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