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The website of the business is the foundation of its online presence. A website has become a crucial aspect of every business as it establishes a connection between the business and the customer. People visit it to learn about the company, its products and services, and contact information. The website helps in setting the first impression. The first impression being the last impression, it is important to have a website that is accessible and appealing to the customer. 

If you want to create a stunning online presence for your brand then web design is the most important thing after creating a website. it refers to the design of the websites that are displayed to the customer and viewers. Along with this, it also includes user experience aspects of website development. Web design mainly includes the layout, appearance, content of the website, graphics, colours, fonts and a lot more. 
Web design and development include two major skill sets. It is a web design and web development. The web design determines the look and feel of a website, while the web development determines the accessibility and user experience of the website.

What are the key components of Website Design & Development?


Website CMS is also known as a website content management system. It is a system that helps users to create, manage and change the content on the website according to the required needs. With the help of this software, one can do this with no technical knowledge. It provides feasibility, so there is plenty of time to do the primary functions of the business. Web CMS is specifically built, keeping in mind the users who have little or no experience in coding or technical knowledge. Along with this it also allows multiple access to people and also ensures the security of the data.


As more and more people prefer to get things done at their fingertips, they are shifting from desktop to mobile devices. At this time, more people use mobile phones more instead of desktops or laptops. Around 60% of the global website traffic is generated via mobile devices. This means that if your business has a website, then it is essential to consider optimizing it for mobile use. Mobile optimization is the process of adjusting the website content. This ensures that when visitors use the site on their mobiles, it provides them with the same experience. It not only ensures that it adjusts the website on smaller screens but also makes it easier to access and use by optimizing the images, reformatting the content, etc.


It is a package of code written by someone else that helps with data binding, fetching, routing, general code structure, and much more. In simpler words, it is the presentation layer of the application, content that the users can see. It makes the code more organized and manageable. It includes building intuitive and pleasant interfaces.

This helps in increasing the speed of the website which makes it easy to use and viewers don’t have to wait for a longer time. Along with this, it is flexible with a variety of features available that are fast responding. As it is easy and tailor-made, it is quick to get started with and can be simply accessed because of its flexible structure. This enables the app to respond quickly with just a tap.


Not all visitors to the website have much time to scroll through the entire site. They may need access to important information such as phone number, email id, address of the company or just a certain bit of information. For this reason, it is important to place key information in plain sight, in an area that is easily accessible and easy to find. Mostly it is at the bottom of the page.


The goal of user experience design is to make the digital interaction of the customer and business as simple, smooth, efficient as possible. It involves user interfaces where users interact with designs. This requires understanding the target audience needs, their expectations from the website, comprehension and use. Thus, the interface must always have a user-centered design. To ensure a good user experience design one must have a graphical user interface and voice-controlled interfaces. All of this helps in getting the task done easily with minimum effort which leads to satisfied customers.


The back-end framework is the core part of an application. It is the libraries of server-side programming languages that help in building the backend structure of a website. In simpler words, it is the behind the scene works that ensure the functioning of the website that users can’t see. Back-end frameworks provide ready-made components for developing a dynamic web application.

This helps in enabling quick sharing and It supports the caching feature. This helps in saving time, as there is no problem with re-executing the codes again and again. This will also help in web pages loading faster.


People are visually oriented creatures and to make sure the website is appealing it is essential to use great graphics. Your website has less than a second to impress your visitor and potential customer. In this 1 second, you need to prove to them that your website is trustworthy and professional. Along with great graphics, it is important to ensure one doesn’t go overboard with too many colours, text, and bright images. 


A great website anticipates what the users might search and need when they visit the site. That is why it is important to arrange the elements of the site in an organized manner. This way the visitor finds exactly what they are searching for. Along with this, your website must have a landing page that is directly relevant to what they searched for. This intuitiveness also helps in improving the user experience. 

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One of the benefits of a web designing agency is its ability to layout a well-planned and thoroughly researched strategy for the organization. It focuses on the core business model as well as the future goals. It makes sure the current goals are achieved effectively and also makes a plan for the achievement of future goals. Along with this, a good web design agency has a good and experienced set of individuals. This includes web designers, copywriters, coders, SEO specialists, SMM specialists and a lot more.


With a high percentage of people using tablets and phones to access the internet, your web design must be built for both computer and mobile access. If it is not built for mobile technology, it can cost a big amount of customers. Mobile search traffic is growing day by day. Along with this, it is important to ensure the intuitiveness of the website and the user experience. All of these factors are handled carefully by the agencies. A top agency will make sure while designing and developing the website that the right technology and standard of it are used which will help in saving time and money. This will help in attracting more customers to the website.


With a web design and development agency, one can expect top-notch work. As their team consist of an experienced team in different fields, this gives them a fresh perspective and ideas that are out of the box. As they have worked on various projects, this helps them in implementing their tried and tested strategies without wasting time in planning. All of this gives a result-driven website that is attractive and dynamic, providing a good user experience.


With the help of a web designer, it will help you to stay ahead of the game. The agencies are always up-to-date with the changing environment and the trends. It is also aware of the latest technologies and features. This helps in quick responsiveness towards the design and development of the website. it will also help in staying ahead of the competitors and give an edge over the others. All of these factors not only save time but money also.


Having an agency to handle the website functions which includes its front-end and back-end framework helps to save time for the company and its employees. An expert team handling all of this ensures quality and allows the employees to focus on the primary objectives of the company. All the follow-up emails can even be sent automatically with a specific message if you wish to set up. With a professional agency, you also get many features such as customer support, website testing, development and a lot more.

To make sure to grab the attention of your visitors and gain their trust it is essential to make your website appealing and professional. Above were the benefits that one can derive from agencies and save their time and money to take their business to the next level. With a pool of agencies of website design and development, it gets hard to choose the one which is the most suitable for you. Along with this, the task of shortlisting the agency is quite hectic and tedious. 
Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

Why choose Straightegy Consulting for the Website Design & Development of your business?

Straightegy Consulting is the best agency for website design and development. 
It is one of the leading website design and development services globally. It offers unmatched services at an affordable cost. With an experienced team, we have mastered the art of website design and development through years of work and can meet your objectives in the shortest time. Our services include customized website, API development services, eCommerce development services, theme selection, website redesign, mobile user experience and interface, logo design and graphics. Along with this, we provide all the necessary custom features that you wish to include in your website. We provide our clients with progress reports that track the performance of the strategies to keep the clients in the loop with the activities undertaken. 


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