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Your (“Customer’s” or “Client’s”) use of our services/products is subject to the following terms:

  • When you opt for any of Straightegy Consulting’s services/products and want us to work on your project, we start working on the project after the full payment or an agreed advance is received from you.

  • For any damages, such as lost profits, lost business, lost savings or other incidental consequential or special damages, that may arise out of the operation or inability to operate or use the services, Straightegy Consulting will not be held liable or responsible.

  • In a case where the client is late to make agreed payments, the payment penalty will be with a compounded interest of 1.5% per month on the remaining amount that’s due. All the applicable taxes will be levied as per actuals.

  • Straightegy Consulting has the right to subcontract its obligations to any of its wholly-owned subsidiaries or third-party service providers, keeping in mind that Straightegy Consulting is liable to the client for the omissions of any such parties employed or engaged. However, it is not allowed for the client to assign the operations to a business competitor.

  • You/Customer agree that you are rightful owner of all the material, texts, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, source code, artwork etc. that you share with Straightegy Consulting. The client can also use the elements in any way but needs to ensure the protection of Straightegy Consulting from any unnecessary claim or suit that may arise from the use of such elements furnished or updated by clients.

  • During the course of this project, Straightegy Consulting holds the copyright or proprietary rights to the source code/design for any files generated/developed/designed by Straightegy Consulting. The rights and ownership of the source code will be passed over to the Client only after the final payment for the project.

  • Any extra work not stated in the proposal or scope of work will need to be estimated separately or this proposal will be amended. The client will need to pay the amount for such extra work over and above the agreed sum.

  • The client must provide all pictures and text/content, etc. However, if the client fails to give us the pictures, the clients give us the right to use the photographs on the internet for the project. Straightegy Consulting will attempt, but not guarantee, to use royalty-free images from the internet but once the order is delivered, the responsibility will be transferred to the client to check and agree to the work provided. Straightegy Consulting shall not be responsible for any copyright violation/mark/performance/damages or legal liability that arises for any reason, once the delivery of the job is done. Ideally, it is in the best of the customer's interest that the photos and text and other information be provided at the time of the contract itself.

  • In case the client's fee is a tax deductive source, the client has to provide us with a Tax-deductible source certificate at the time of the payment or before that. The professional fee does not include any applicable taxes and government levies. If there is any taxes or levies, the client will have to pay us retrospective/non-retrospective effect.

  • Due to any uncertainty or reason, if the client ends the project term before project completion or the specified project duration, the advance of the project will not be reimbursed in any circumstance.

  • If a refund, under any circumstance, is to me made to the customer, it will not exceed the amount actually paid by the customer to Straightegy Consulting.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they make the payment to Straightegy Consulting through the correct modes of payment. If the customer ends up making the payment to someone else by mistake or under a wrong premise, we will not be responsible for such loss, financial or otherwise.

  • This contract or the terms of service agreed between you and us, is considered to be concluded in Faridabad, Haryana, India regardless of your location or where this site is located, and any disagreement shall be litigated in Faridabad, Haryana, India.

During your active engagement with Straightegy Consulting and 24 months thereafter:

  1. Straightegy Consulting agrees not to request or induce any of the client’s employees or clients to terminate their employment with the customer or company.

  2. Similarly, the customer/You agree not to seek or induce any Straightegy Consulting employees to terminate their employment with us or hire any Straightegy Consulting employee.

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