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Local SEO Services
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Local SEO Services

Local SEO is the answer to your business if your target audience is located in a specific locality or city.

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Local SEO Agency
Straightegy Consulting is the right choice for Local SEO of your business.

Search Engine Optimization is a wildcard method in the hands of businesses to market their products, services, and brands through the internet media. Internet marketing has become a part and parcel of the promotion of businesses all over the world.  SEO helps businesses in navigating through the web traffic and reaching a wider range of customers.  That is why most established brands claim SEO to be the root cause of the success of any business in today's world.
SEO is a complex process involving numerous categories and technicalities. Depending on the requirement businesses may choose any or all of these techniques to fulfill the task. As such geography and locality to are a priority for different brands. Therefore there is a specific type of SEO that adheres to this need of focusing on specific locations while marketing. This process is called local SEO.


There are uncountable businesses that serve customers from particular locations only. Geographical location is an important part of the functionality of these firms.  In other cases, certain brands may desire to increase their influence in places where they were void of the needed popularity earlier.  The process of local SEO is a way to deal with such situations. 

In simple terms, local SEO is a strategy that helps businesses to be more visible on the local searches made on different search engines like Google and Bing. For instance, if your business is based on the supply of hardware materials in a particular city, says Delhi, local SEO will help you in ranking ahead of all other businesses that serve the same purpose in the city of Delhi. In this way, customers of the city are more likely to refer to you for their needs. 


If you have a location-specific business, local SEO can be your one-stop solution to the guaranteed generation of sales.  With the world being consumed by virtual reality, most business and marketing are being done online. As such, the practice of physical shopping has become almost redundant. If you have not had a firm grip on the internet media, there is a likelihood of your business facing losses shortly. Therefore it is high time that you consider shifting your business to an online mode. And local SEO is the best way to go about it.

Local SEO can help your business in transforming online searches to offline purchases. Often customers are discouraged to make purchases if the location is too far or unfamiliar. By the process of local SEO, you can ensure that your business is within the vicinity of your customers. On the other hand, local SEO can also help you in getting the much-needed customer reviews that will further help you get more customers. Besides, in comparison to other methods of SEO local SEO is a relatively cost-efficient technique for expanding your online presence. 


Although search engines usually tend to give global results, some queries can be solved with local solutions only. In such cases, different search engines use the proximity factor to deliver the results to the users. The bots of the search engines consider the user's location and match with other businesses with a similar location that works in the required niche. 

Local SEO offers an opportunity to businesses like yours to appear within both the organic searches and local map pack searches in a specific location. One of the most important ways to facilitate this is having localized content on your webpage.  This will help the search engines in identifying your webpage as an authentic answer for the user's query within a geographical area. Local link popularity also helps in this regard. That is why most businesses place particular emphasis on specifying the address and contact details of the business on the web content. 

Extensive research is a necessity for establishing a successful business through local SEO.  You have to know the audience and the locality well and address issues specific to the particular locality in your content. Using keywords that are specific to the users’ location, lifestyle, and culture is a simple way of broadening your influence over the area. Claiming and optimizing your My Business listing can prove to be a stepping stone for your business. it is a guaranteed trick of generating more sales. In the case of other search engines, you can refer to Apple Map listing, Bing Places, and the like. Building citation and managing My Business profiles must obvious on your to-do lists if you want to master the art of local SEO.  It is important to note that the web content, as well as localized SEO tools together, helps in successfully establishing a strong presence in the local market for the business. Therefore, you cannot afford to neglect either of these methods. Simple features like customer reviews to help in popularizing your business in the local market. If done well, local SEO can raise your business to new heights of success. 


If you are unsure about the credentials of the process, you do not have to worry anymore. Certain service providers can help you in this regard. These are outsourcing agencies that will take over the responsibility of promoting your business on the local level. 
Straightegy Consulting is your one-stop solution to all your problems regarding SEO. We provide various services to help you in promoting your business to a wider range of customers. Our team of experts will conduct extensive researches and analyses various factors to create a strategy that will suit best for your business. We will then work on executing those plans to successfully advertise your brand to the local customers. We have the knowledge and skills that are needed for performing this job.

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Nitin C.

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Jenifer K.


"We don't need in-house resources for marketing anymore."

Ryan H.

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